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Masterpiece Music(マスターピース・ミュージック) の設立


Music has a strong power to give us imagination and dreams, both of which the 20th Century lost completely. The 20th Century was the most diversified century seeing various things happen to humankind. Rapid scientific evolution and economic prosperity achieved in the 20th Century seemingly contributed to the development of the world through material growth. On the other hand, however, the 20th Century also saw violence, crimes, wars and many other tragedies in which men damaged, injured and killed each other.


One of the main reasons for such tragedies may be is that human beings lost their instinctive imagination. The last half of the 20th Century can be defined as the period during which people lost their imagination. The same thing may go for the current society of Japan where many people worry the increase in the number of juvenile crimes. Lack of imagination may be responsible for such predominating juvenile crimes.


We must take back our instinctive imagination to correct the world for our next generations. Our label helps us take back the imagination and dreams.
Our new label, "Masterpiece Music" is full of such wish.



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