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“TETT” (formerly named SPICE) is a power duo that was formed in the late 1980's, composed of Edward Tett (E.T.) & Lisa Tett. Based in Los Angeles California (USA), E.T. & Lisa have been actively pursuing their musical careers in Japan as well as the rest of the world. Their music repertoire and influence cover R&B, Top 40, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Motown, Classic Rock, Disco, Pop, Country, Blues, Swing, Standards, Gospel, Reggae, Oldies…and much more. They have shown us their great potential to make a further break into the recording industry. Early in 2007, TETT started to record songs selected from among their own musical works, adding some new & revising some older material. TETT’s music is reminiscent of 60’s & 70’s music and is equal to A.O.R. We are happy to announce that their first album is now complete. This album, “Just Do It” is available exclusively in Japan on September 11th, 2007. There after, this album will be released from Japan to the rest of the world.

Born in Los Angeles California on January 29th. The leader & namesake of the group “TETT”.
E.T. is the man in the mix with bass, piano, guitar, astonishing orchestration, lyrics and vocals to match.  The excitement of his live performance will leave you talkin’ about it on the way home…”How does he make that guitar talk?” This L.A. native just makes "happy feet" with the music he writes.  With so much legendary influence, is anyone sacred? No!

Born in Queens New York on April 5th. This talented New Yorker has taken the west coast by storm with her ability to sing songs of love, soul, and dance. And yet, just when you think you've heard it all, she will surprise you with delectable sultry tunes you thought were lost somewhere between ol' school and new. A delight to listen to and watch as she performs her percussions with the passion of rhythm that makes you pay attention. Her deep sense for lyrical meaning is revealed in her writing.

Original Site:http://www.tettmusic.com/
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