Privacy Policy

This document defines how we deal with information gathered via the Masterpiece Music(MPM) website and is based on the MPM Privacy Policy. MPM makes every effort to protect your privacy so that you can use the MPM website with confidence and peace of mind.

Purpose of collecting personal information

Personal information(Customer's name, address, telephone number, and E-mail Address, etc.)obtained from customers will be used for the following purposes:
  1. Guidance, provision, and management of other services and products offered by MPM
  2. All operations incidental or related to the above[1]
  3. Implementation of questionnaires concerning service and products, etc. offered by MPM
  4. Development of new services and products
  5. Guidance and information provision for various events and campaigns
  6. Notification of services and products offered by MPM
  7. Providing various information on services, products, events and campaigns of MPM companies and partner companies.
  8. Responses to inquiries and requests

Managing personal information

We manage our customers' information according to the strictest standards and take the utmost care to prevent leaks, loss, or alterations.

Disclosure to a third party

MPM will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third party except under the following circumstances or for the following purposes, Note that provision of information to data sharing partners and business entrusted companies are not deemed to constitute disclosure or provision to a third party.
  1. Customer consent has been obtained.
  2. Disclosure or provision is required by laws or regulations.
  3. 3 Data or information is provided in a format that does not disclose identity, as in statistical data.

Disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, and erasure

Any customer request submitted in the manner specified for 1)the disclosure, 2)the correction, deletion, or addition, or 3)the discontinuance and erasure of personal information held by MPM shall be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe, after such requests are determined to be authentic. A customer request may be rejected partially or entirely if compliance with such request would endanger the life, health, or property of the customer or a third party; seriously impact MPM's business operations; or result in a violation of laws or regulations.

  1. Appropriate acknowledgement will be made of receipt of disclosure requests.
  2. Correction, deletion, or addition shall be undertaken after due review of requests.
  3. Discontinuance and erasure shall be undertaken by appropriate methods. However, we remind customers that such requests may impede the provision of services to the customer, despite our best intentions.


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Application and modification of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how MPM handles personal customer information. Use of MPM services and products by a customer is deemed to constitute full understanding of and consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is subject to revision by MPM at any time.

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